Employing our Web Site Optimization Tools, you can quickly work on your site’s level of popularity from your own Site Control Panel. With the Sitemap Generator you can get a precise sitemap for your site in no time. You could publish the sitemap to the search engines to ensure that they can index your site in a timely manner. In addition, via the RSS News publishing software, you could mount regularly updated content on your web site, which is a warranty for higher rating positions with the major search engines. The GeoIP re–direction tool will help you route website visitors coming from a particular region into a certain language version of your site for more accurate marketing outcomes.

A Sitemap Generator

A sitemap creator bundled straight into your Site Control Panel

If you have recently brought out your site and need it to be scanned a lot faster from the the search engines, or if you need to present your clients a rapid method to navigate through all your pages, then you need to employ a sitemap. Sitemap can be described as a list of all the webpages on your web site that are linked to. Commonly, you will have to make use of third–party instruments to do the job, however, with Ihcerhost, you have access to a Sitemap Generator built directly into the Site Control Panel.

The Sitemap Generator we supply is in fact easy to navigate and because it’s completely compatible with Ihcerhost’s cloud Linux hosting packages platform – your web site is going to be examined really fast.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Geographic location–focused redirections with a click

Ihcerhost provides you with an easy way to re–route your site visitors based on their location. Through the GeoIP redirection tool, you can easily re–route all the visitors who arrive from a certain country to a native language version of your website. For instance, if you have an Italian variant of your site, you can quickly direct all of the website visitors coming from Italy to that particular page rather than asking to move to Italian when they land on the English variation. This will help you offer your site visitors with an intuitive onsite stay from the beginning.

There’s no need for any specific abilities or computer experience to work with the GeoIP re–direction application. It’s all set up with a click.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Showcase the most up–to–date headlines within your web site

In the Ihcerhost Site Control Panel, we have built in a tool, which enables you to insert news from the most well–liked news outlets on the planet within your sites, with just a click of the mouse. Our News tool works automatically and won’t require any additional configuration work from you,

The RSS News Publication component is easy to customize in terms of HTML and CSS. You are able to change the quantity of information bits that are going to be displayed, exactly how they will look like, how they will be arranged, and so forth.

RSS News