There are a handful of ways to get in touch with the web hosting company whose services you’re using, but the one that you will always find no matter which company you pick is a support ticket system. It’s the easiest form of communication for a number of reasons. In the event that no tech support engineer is available at the moment and they’re all occupied, a telephone call may not be replied to, but a ticket will always hit home. Also, you can copy ‘n’ paste large bits of info without having to worry about typing errors, and in case a particular problem needs more time to be sorted out or a number of replies have to be exchanged, all the info will be in one and the same place, so each party can always see the comments provided by the other one. The negative side of using tickets to touch base with your hosting company is that they’re typically separate from the web hosting platform, which goes to say that if you have to supply information or to adhere to directions, you’ll need to use at least 2 different systems and this number can grow in case you wish to manage a number of domain names. Also, many hosting providers reply to tickets after hours, or even once in every 24 hours, and for you as a client, this simply means wasted time whilst waiting around for an answer.
Integrated Ticketing System in Hosting
Our Linux hosting packages come with an integrated trouble ticket system, which is an integral part of our in-house developed Hepsia hosting Control Panel. In stark contrast with other similar tools, Hepsia permits you to manage everything related to the web hosting service itself in one and the same place – payments, files, emails, support tickets, etc., eliminating the need to use different admin consoles. In the event that you’ve got any pre-sales or technical questions or any problems, you can post a ticket with just a couple of clicks of the mouse without having to log out of your hosting Control Panel. During the process, you can pick a category and our system will offer you a number of educational articles, which will give you additional info and which may help you solve any specific problem before you actually open a ticket. We guarantee a ticket response time of no more than one hour, even in case it is a weekend or a public holiday.
Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The ticketing system that we use is incorporated into the Hepsia Control Panel, which we have created for our Linux semi-dedicated packages, which means that you won’t require another support platform to contact our customer care team – you can do that on the spot in case you experience a complication. Submitting a new ticket requires a couple of mouse clicks and finding an older one is just as simple. Using our intelligent search option, you can quickly find any ticket that you’ve opened in the past. You can post a ticket at any moment whatsoever since our client support team representatives are at your disposal 24x7 and respond in less than 60 minutes, although it seldom takes that much to obtain a response. With Hepsia, you will have everything in one single location and you can just forget about the need to sign in and out of 2 or more platforms to troubleshoot a simple issue.